Well-Structured Application is Your First-Step to Your Dream University!

Drafting application form is the most crucial and decisive phase of overseas education. It not only reflects your academic background, specific interests, and USPs but also talks a lot about your feasibility to your desired university. The diverse requirements of different institutions may put students in dilemma with a list of questions, like:

  • What is an SOP? How will I draft an SOP?
  • How to create a powerful resume?
  • How much information is not too much or too little?
  • How will I manage to file so many documents all at once?
  • Where will I get letters of recommendations?
  • What are the things that I need to mention while filling forms?
  • Will I be able to submit everything at the given deadline?
  • Why do universities have different admission criterion?
  • What will make me stand out amongst the others?

We have the answer ready for you – Customized Application

Assistance at  Studi.Aabroad


Why do you need Application Assistance?

Incompatible Applications lead to drainage of both time and financial resources and the rejections hamper the student’s confidence and enthusiasm. Appropriate application assistance will help you dodge these adversities and ensure the offer letter from the universities.

Constructive Application assistance to Lock Offer Letters from the Universities of your Choice

Your application to the university speaks volumes about you and we don’t want you to make noise, instead create sense and make yourself heard. Studi Aabroad Consultant assist you at every step of the application procedure of your dream university.


We at best Visa application assistance  – Studi Aabroad Consultant offer 360-degree Application guidance that includes the following:

1. Accurate Filling of Application Forms

Filling of Application forms are time taking and a complex procedure. Thus we fill each and every detail required cautiously and submit on time. This makes us the best among all the Visa application assistance in Lagos & Nigeria.

2. Drafting all the necessary Documents

Universities ask for various documents like SOP’s, resumes, cover letters, CV’s, Motivation Letter, Essays and other important documents to get an insight into your background. We customized each of them for you in the prescribed format by the university.

3.Timely Follow Ups & Updates

Post-filing, we reach out to the universities time-to-time for follow up of your application. Quick response will ensure timely decisions and no delay in further plans like visa application and others.

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