A Resume is Not Enough!

A good profile is a pillar to accelerating your educational journey. It is a medium to reach out to your prospective employers, dream universities, scholarship committees or internship providers and make your voice heard. You certainly don’t want to lose this one-time opportunity amidst the clutter and drain your choices.

People around the globe, companies or universities are now actively scouting aspirants from the world wide web – job portals, admission portals, and even social media handles.

Many applicants like you make the mistake of thinking that a career profile is synonymous to your resume. In reality, a career profile is your professional personality across all the mediums and channels on the wired space – are you bringing your A-game there?

Don’t worry, we at Studi Aabroad Consultant provide customized Career Profile Building to help you get noticed and discovered among the digital talent pool.

What is Career Profile Building?

Career Profile Building is the making of your ideal Career Profile that enhances your unique capabilities and USP’s to prove to be your 360degree reflection. It is customized in accordance with the platforms to help you stand out from the crowd of million others.

Create Compelling Career Profile

At  Studi Aabroad, we invest considerable time to understand the aspirants’ strengths and USPs. Our experts then create an authentic Career Profile for you, accommodating all of the above findings for your powerful career development.

These are the few steps that we undertake to create your career profile:

1.Social Media Profile Creation

Today when Social media is creating a stir everywhere, it is extremely crucial to ‘talk sense’ on your profile – it speaks volumes about you. We guide you to create a professional scape to all your social media handles for maximum discoverability.

2.Platform-Specific Approach

A unanimous approach to all the portals will only make you ‘one-more’ among a million others. Thus we target to the requirements and needs of every portal intricately and create your career profile accordingly.

3.Catalyzing Important Documents

Every channel or medium calls for a few documents that creates a better impact on your prospective employers or universities. Right from resumes, CV’s to SOP’s we compose each one of them for your prosperous career development.

4.Targeting Industry Keywords

We create an Impactful career profile for you that is carefully crafted with a focus on industry keywords and skill visibility. The engaging language with creative inputs makes your profile interesting for acclaimed bids.

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