Students who dream of studying abroad must take the test conducted by the International Language Testing System or IELTS. The test is conducted to measure the English language proficiency of applicants who want to move abroad to pursue higher education or to work. The test is recognized by around 10,000 institutions around the world. More than 2 million applicants take the test every year. It is conducted in 1,200+ test centers in 140 nations.

Test Format

  • IELTS tests four language skills- listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Applicants take the listening, writing, and reading tests on the same day and can book their preferred slot for the speaking test. Applicants who fail to choose a slot will be automatically allotted one.

Why Studi Aabroad for IELTS Coaching

Test Procedure Duration (in minutes)
Listening You will be asked to listen to four recordings of native speakers speaking something and then answer questions 30
Writing You will be required to complete a couple of tasks. The writing test will cover topics of general interest based on your module 60
Reading You will be asked to answer 40 questions. You will be reading for gists, main ideas, and logical arguments. Based on your understanding, you must figure out the writer’s opinions, intentions, and motivations 60
Speaking Is divided into three parts. In the first part, you will be talking about yourself and your family. In the second part, you will be asked to speak on a topic. In part 3, you will be having a detailed discussion with the examiner on the topic 11-14


  • The IELTS is difficult to crack, especially for us, non-native speakers. To increase your chances of getting into your dream university, you need expert guidance. We have assembled an A-team of trainers and counselors. Our IELTS classes are conducted by IELTS experts.

Constructive and Authentic Pedagogy

  • Our IELTS study materials are designed by industry experts. We update our study materials and teaching methodologies at regular intervals to help our students stay ahead of the curve.
  • We conduct regular mock tests to keep track of our students’ performance. Every student receives individual attention from IELTS experts who provide them tips to overcome challenges and hone their language skills.
  • We understand the importance of creating an effective teaching and learning environment. We use state-of-the-art learning aids designed to help students grasp concepts fast.Flexibility
  • Every student has a different learning style and needs. While some need minimal training and coaching, students starting from scratch may require extensive coaching to build a solid foundation. Before accepting an applicant, we conduct a screening test to determine the proficiency level of the student. Based on their requirement, we create a custom program and calculate the fee.

Flexible Timing

  • We believe that our students, and not us, should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to making important decisions about their learning. Is enrolling in a morning class out of question for you? Don’t stress. We have got you covered. We conduct flexible morning and evening and weekend classes for working professionals and students.
  • Instead of stuffing as many students as possible in a single group, we create easy to manage small groups to ensure our students receive personalized attention.

Coaching Duration

  • Your coaching duration will depend on different factors such as your proficiency level, the (actual) test date, and your availability (weekdays vs weekends). A coaching program can last for 6-8 weeks. Students who are unable to dedicate 8 weeks to preparation can enrol in our crash course.

Achieving a High IELTS Band Score

  • Achieving a high IELTS band score is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It requires hours of hard work and persistence. We are committed to helping our students ace the IELTS. Whenever you feel stuck, you will find an expert by your side.


  • We conduct various mock tests and sessions for our students in an examlike environment. Our experts use various tricks and conduct interactive games to help students improve their concentration.


IELTS’ writing section tests a candidate’s vocab skills and grasp of grammar. Our experts provide various tips and tricks to help students improve their writing vocabulary. Feedback is given based on students’ performance in mock tests to help them raise their level of writing to IELTS standards.


  • We use time tested techniques to help students improve their reading skills and concentration. Based on your level of proficiency, you will be advised to read a book, magazine, or newspaper to inculcate a reading habit.


  • We conduct extensive speaking practice sessions. During these sessions, you will learn the correct pronunciation of difficult words and the appropriate phrases and words to express ideas.
  • We are committed to helping you transform your study abroad dream into a reality. No matter your level of proficiency, we will come up with a learning plan customized to your needs.


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