International Scholarship Through Leading Studi Aabroad Consultants In Lagos &   Nigeria

International Education can dig Holes in your Pocket!

Studying abroad is not just an indicator of prestige and quality; it is also a huge investment. And often due to lack of funds, deserving aspirants are devoid of international education – International scholarships prove to be a great rescue for them.

To ensure an upsurge in the number of international applicants, colleges and universities across the globe are offering an increased number of international scholarships. Students are rewarded full or partial fee waivers based on certain parameters set by the university itself. These awards are decided on the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the institution based strong academics, excellent scores on standardized exams, & extracurricular activities. Visit the most trusted Study abroad consultant –

Surprisingly, most of the candidates are not aware of these financial incentives that the universities offer!

Our core objective is to make International Education Accessible to All placing us itself as the best Thus we have set up unique resources to render step-by-step guidance to help you avail

How will an International Scholarship help me?

International Scholarships helps you avail financial benefits on the fees of various colleges and universities if you have the relevant criterion as set by them on certain parameters like the academic background, scores of the standardized exams, co-curricular activities or social work.

Avail International Scholarships with Studi Aabroad Consultant’s exceptional Guidance

Each and every penny spent on your education is the product of sheer hard work and we earnestly value every bit of it. Our systematized approach and a network with acclaimed universities help students acquire full as well as partial scholarships.

Given below are a few pointers that steer as a leading Study abroad consultant  to provide maximum International Scholarships:

1. Identifying Scholarships Available for You

There are a different set of scholarships available depending on the course, career profile and sometimes even nationality. We find all the relevant scholarships for you and strictly follow their pre-defined deadlines for application.

2. Expectation Setting in Congruence with the Committee

Scholarship essays are a major determinant that defines your chance of getting a scholarship. Every committee demands certain drafts with a different focus – We prepare them for you intricately, each conforming with the committee’s requirements.

3. Complete Assistance for Interviews

The Scholarship Committees also conduct interviews to select the best deserving candidate. We assist you with the probable questions and the expected answers to ensure a high probability of accomplishment.

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